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We, Hakko TO are based in Toronto, Canada and Japan.
"Hakko" means fermentation, "TO" means Toronto = we love local,
AND also"TO(と)" means "with" in Japanese.

We love to making Koji and Japanese fermented seasoning from Koji.
Yes, actually Koji (fermented foods) are so many health benefits
but it's not only our reason to make Koji.

Keeping your health is important to enrich your life 
BUT It's really important to enjoy eating tasty/yummy foods, right?

Koji (fermented foods) makes rich taste like UMAMI andsimply easy to make.
That's why we are really into Koji!

We provide you easy Koji's journey, Japanese fermented seasoning,
workshops(Miso, Mirin, Shoyu, Sake) etc...

We always welcome YOU!

from SAKURA & MIDORI, Hakko TO 


Koji 麹

This is Koji.
All important Japanese seasoning(Soy sauce, Sake, Mirin, Amazake(sugar), Vinegar, Miso) made from Koji.
It means you can make all at your home.
Take a look as famous Japanese food example,
Teriyaki sauce = Soy sauce & Mirin & Sugar
Sukiyaki = Soy sauce & Mirin & Sake
Sushi rice = Vinegar & Sugar & Salt

Once you know how to make it, it's so easy to enjoy cooking at your home, anywhere in the world :)  Would you like to try??

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